The LSR Anti Stress Release Seminar and Technique

Release yourself from stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insomnia and sleep problems, food disorders and other stress related conditions.

Change your own individual stress state with the Limbic Stress Release Technique.

Perfected over years of clinical practice it can be used successfully by anyone who experiences internal stress.

The Limbic Stress Release technique has helped me to take control of long standing patterns of stress, anxiety, and depression. Through using the technique, I was recently able to deal with starting a new job with significantly lower levels of stress and anxiety than I would have experienced in the past. I plan to continue using the technique going forward to create higher levels of calm and emotional stability.

C. Daniele U.S.A.



Stop your stress switch, take control of your life.

My name is J.J.O’Brien Lic. A.c.

I suffered from anxiety and depression throughout my twenties until I discovered that a part of my brain called the Amygdala was responsible for activating my stress switch with then led to my anxiety and depression.

I worked out how to control this switch and to stop my stress switch from going off, which also helped to stop the release of harmful stress hormones into my bloodstream. This stopped my anxiety and depression in a very short amount of time.

Both in my clinical practice and with my Anti Stress Seminars I have brought numerous people through the same process of making stress, anxiety, depression, food disorders and many more stress related conditions, a thing of the past for them.

I have also developed an affordable but equally powerful Anti Stress Seminar which is available in a Home Seminar Manual format.

It only takes a few days with some work on your part, to complete the seminar and to perfect the technique from the comfort of your own home.

You can download the Seminar now and start immediately.


Once you have learned the technique it stays with you and becomes a valuable life tool that you can use anywhere and in any stressful situation.

I think that everyone should learn this method. So simple and yet brings such profound changes. I have been using this for over 15 years now. Genius. S.Martin ( Photographer. London )

The Limbic Stress Release Technique will show you how to deactivate your stress triggers and to automatically detect stress elevations and prevent and control stress from invading.

The LSR Seminar puts you in the driving seat by giving you the ability to control your own internal stress switch.


The L. S. R. Anti Stress Seminar

The Seminar gives you the tools to..

• Significantly reduce the damaging affects of stress on your body and diminish the health risks that run alongside stress with the unique LSR Technique.

• You will learn how to use the technique in everyday real life situations.

• You will discover the nature of stress and stress related illnesses, and go that step further to identify and eliminate your own individual stress triggers.

• You will learn how to take control of and eliminate negative stress from your life and work.

• You will identify and change your own individual emotional and mental default patterns that activate stress in your brain.

• You will significantly reduce the release of harmful stress hormones into your blood stream

The LSR Anti Stress Seminar also teaches you how to…

Control negative subconscious emotional memories which are activated by the amygdala (the emotional brain).

Stop the invasion of bad memories and worries which lead to anxiety.

Enhance positive feelings and promote well being.

Enhance positive thinking and promote you own self esteem.


By stopping the stress switch from going off you tackle the problem before it becomes harmful to your body.

Once the technique has been learned and applied to your daily life it begins to work immediately.

Put yourself back in the driving seat and take control of your internal stress.
dots “Stress and anxiety almost ruined my life. I am 20 yrs. old and saw my life disappearing as I was unable to go back to university. Now, I have my life back and can see my future through different eyes”.

Gary ( student, back at University.)

dots Thanks JJ, I had no idea how powerful this part of my brain was. I did everything without thinking and caused havoc to myself and those around me. Now, I think before I speak. In fact, I can’t remember how I used to think because everything is so different and clear now. You have given me the key to a new life. I wish you could speak Polish and see my family back home. Eva.

The Seminar is designed to give you the ability to reduce your own stress levels. It requires a small, intense but enjoyable amount work on your behalf for a few days while your are learning the technique. However, it is well worth doing, as it provides you with a powerful tool to reduce your stress levels. Once you have completed the seminar and experienced the positive effects of using the technique in real life situations then, you will be confident in your own newfound ability to stop stress from getting inside of you because. like the people above, you will have achieved it by yourself.

There is no better judge of how something works other than you yourself.

J.J.O’ Brien. Lic. Ac.
The Anti StressProgramme
The Anti Stress Manual
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Stress DNA
Offering a wealth of knowledge about the nature and causes of stress and stress related conditions. J.J.O'Brien takes you on the personal and professional journey that many people have already described as being a profoundly absorbing and a life changing read. This book breaks down the causes of stress and clearly shows how stress is formed internally in the mind and emotions. This is a book of understanding, a way of thinking to change your way of being.




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